Claborn South Limestone Industrial Park Receives 2020 Awards

Claborn South Limestone Industrial Park Receives 2020 Awards - Lee Company Construction

In 2019, our North Alabama office scored a huge win – a project for Claborn Manufacturing. Phase 1 of the Claborn South Limestone Industrial Park (SLIP) was more than twice the size of the projects our North Alabama team had historically taken on; this design-build project was particularly exciting for us to say the least.

The project involved gutting an existing plant at the industrial park and completely rebuilding the inside – turning it into a productive part of Claborn’s manufacturing complex.

Our team knew that doing a great job on Phase 1 could lead to additional Claborn SLIP assignments moving forward. However, we also knew there were challenges to be faced, from soaring ceilings to manpower shortages. The first challenge was the accelerated time frame: we were given five months from the start of the project to have the system operational. We met this challenge.

Hitting that deadline required technology, talent, and a whole lot of teamwork.

The Claborn South Limestone Industrial Park project went on to receive the 2020 Eagle Award from the Greater Tennessee Associated Builders and Contractors chapter and the 2020 Award of Excellence from the North Alabama Associated Builders and Contractors Chapter. 

Building on Success

When our team takes on a project, there’s a great deal at stake – for the company and the customer. We put Claborn Manufacturing at ease right from the start, with an amazing display of what technology and teamwork can accomplish. In the first week of the project, we modeled, fabricated, and installed roughly 3,000 feet of pipe. In fact, all were installed within the first two weeks, since we handled modeling and fabrication nearly two months ahead of installation. 

The customer was delighted then and remains impressed. With Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Claborn SLIP project completed, Lee Company is now hard at work on Phase 3. For North Alabama, this design-build project is a huge success – no matter how you measure it!

P.S. Claborn South Limestone Industrial Park was one of 5 Lee Company projects honored with a 2020 ABC award – and several of those projects received multiple awards! Altogether, Lee Company took home 9 ABC awards this year. That’s incredible. We greatly appreciate this industry recognition of our dedicated professionals and their work. Thanks to our team and customers. We couldn’t do it without you!


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