Community Corner: Finishing Strong at This Year’s Murfreesboro Middle Half

Finishing Strong at This Year’s Murfreesboro Middle Half - Lee Company

This year, the energy level was off the charts at the Murfreesboro Middle Half Marathon! For 9 years we’ve partnered on this race in support of our Rutherford community. Cheers to our amazing volunteers who handed out waters, made signs of encouragement, and kept the momentum going all the way to the finish line.

We loved working with the wonderful team of organizers, year after year, including Deborah Roberts, who coordinated all the water stations on the course:

“The Murfreesboro Half Marathon has been a community event encouraging healthy living. Runners are encouraged to run for a reason, such as better health, a motivational self-challenge, or in honor of someone else.” commented Deborah.


Murfreesboro Middle Half - Lee Company


As has been announced, this is the last year of the race and we’re already feeling nostalgic. Supporting The Middle Half is one of the ways we’ve been able to show love and appreciation for our community. Seeing the impact we make by being present and encouraging everyone on the final leg of the race has been invaluable. Special thanks to everyone who’s been involved with this fan favorite event! We look forward to finding new opportunities to continue supporting our Rutherford community.


Community Corner: Murfreesboro Middle Half - Lee Company


Murfreesboro Middle Half Highlights