Compliance Concerns? Consolidate the Work.

Compliance Concerns? Consolidate the Work - Lee Company

Managing a healthcare facility – always a challenge – is more complex than ever these days. 

Healthcare has evolved drastically over the last decade. From clinical and regulatory changes and advancements in technology to required maintenance at facilities, every task is important to achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance in healthcare

Compliance is a critical aspect in the healthcare industry. Managing compliance concerns entails examining everything from facility cleanliness, clearly marked and accessible exits, minimizing smoke and heat effects, safety equipment maintenance, and more.

Healthcare facilities management teams must be proactive about compliance year-round. Stay prepared so your facility can remain compliant with shifting priorities and regulations. Reduce the stress. Outsource regulatory compliance needs to Lee Company. Our experienced professionals are ready to handle:

  • Air Change Reports
  • Backflow Preventer Inspections
  • Fire/Smoke-Rated Door Inspections
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspections
  • Fire-Rated Wall Penetration Inspections
  • Exit Light Inspections

Don’t let fire dampers dampen your enthusiasm.

Every facility manager understands the importance of taking preventative measures against fire damage. In addition to having a fire damper installed in your healthcare facility, you must keep up with regular inspections and repairs. Dampers prevent fire spreading through heating, ventilation, and AC ducts, which stops it from spreading through the rest of your facility or facility’s ductwork. Understanding how fire dampers work in the event of a fire ensures your facility maintains regulatory compliance in healthcare.

As part of our comprehensive approach to compliance services, Lee Company inspects, repairs, and replaces fire dampers – and documents every step of the way.

Make compliance less complex. 

You need to achieve and maintain compliance. You don’t need to go it alone. Lee Company offers our healthcare clients extensive regulatory compliance solutions. Learn more:

Our healthcare experience works for you. 

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Take command of compliance demands.

More than ever, compliance solutions that provide a safe environment for everyone are critical in the healthcare industry. Compliance violations can lead to costly fines and even shut down in extreme cases. Compliance standards and regulations are constantly changing, so facility managers should make it a top priority to remain up-to-date with compliance concerns to protect the health and safety of patients and staff. 

Feel like COVID-19 put you behind? With Lee Company providing comprehensive compliance services, you’ll gain the time needed to keep your facility safe and your operations running smoothly. To catch up, and stay up-to-date, call Lee Company today.

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