Do You Need a Whole Home Water Filter?

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Clean water is accepted as a standard of life today for many of us, and we tend to trust our cities to provide high-quality water for our homes. However, tap water can have contaminants and chemicals that could affect our health.

Many municipalities across the country continue to test above state and national standards for contaminants. But your best option for supplying your home with clean water is to take matters into your own hands.

To check what’s in your water, head to the Environmental Working Group’s online database.



A recent US Geological survey found that 85% of the country has hard water, as measured by the amount of calcium and magnesium it contains. For most people, hard water treatment would improve the lives of their plumbing system and save them money. Hard water can increase home energy consumption due to build-up in equipment that reduces the equipment’s ability to heat surrounding water, causing it to consume more energy. It also creates build-up on pipes and appliances that over time can result in corrosion.

Unfortunately, most people assume the only treatment option for hard water is to install a system that requires massive amounts of salt to be added to their water, an undesirable and costly solution. In fact, some cities have banned salt softeners due to the contaminants they dump into the ecosystem. Thankfully, there is another option for resolving hard water issues without the use of chemicals.

HALO’s ION system uses magnetic fields to change the polarity of magnesium and calcium in the water, keeping them from building up as scale on pipes. That means you don’t have to buy bottled water or send softened water running off into your yard or sewer.



While faucet and pitcher filters are cheap and convenient, nothing beats the performance and peace of mind that a whole home filter (also known as a whole-home filtration system) can bring to your family. And the best whole-home filters combine hard water treatment and filtration in one.

A whole-home filtration system will ensure that every water source in your home has clean, contaminant, odor-free water running through it. It also increases the life of pipes and appliances through your home, as it prevents mineral build-up and stains wherever water is running.



Selecting a whole home water filter can be a daunting endeavor thanks to the wide range of options available. When it comes to technology, each has unique capabilities including removing different contaminants and a variety of price ranges. Some filters make use of multiple technologies, while others employ only one.

We recommend selecting a filter that requires little maintenance or replacement parts, so you can set it and forget it. Systems like the HALO5 system can run for 10 years or longer without needing to be replaced. Its multi-stage filtration solution also removes more contaminants, chemicals, and sediment than most carbon systems.



If you’re curious about the water quality in your home, request an appointment to receive a no-cost estimate for a whole home water filtration system.