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Waking up to discover a wall in your home has a fresh new hole, or that it’s deteriorating due to a plumbing leak, is enough to frustrate any homeowner. Repairing drywall damage can be a complicated issue that many homeowners aren’t prepared to handle. 

If you notice any cracks or imperfections in your drywall, you can always contact the home repair experts at Lee Company to diagnose and fix the problem. Our drywall contractors are here to help you with all of your drywall service needs. 


What Causes Drywall Damage?

Water Damage

One of the major causes of drywall damage is attributed to plumbing leaks in the ceiling or walls. Depending on how old your plumbing is, or how well it was installed, your walls may be at risk of water damage. If you notice a bulging wall, one of our licensed plumbers can repair the damaged pipe. Once the leak is repaired, one of our drywall repair services experts can fix the damage so that it’s as good as new.

Poor Installation

Poor installation is another common reason for damaged or crumbling drywall. When it is installed, some drywall contractors will use fastening tape to keep the drywall sheets together. Over time, this tape can begin to deteriorate, allowing your walls to bow. If your walls begin to bow too much, they will start to crack, causing even more damage.

If you notice nails popping out of the wall, this is an indication of poor drywall installation. It is wise to avoid hammering the popped nails back i nto the wall. You should remove the nail and try to relocate the stub before attempting to hammer the nails back into place. 

Dents and Holes

Dents and holes are the most common (and obvious) problems in drywall. Holes can appear for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s furniture bumping against the wall too hard, a door being blown open without a rubber stopper, or your kids playing too rough, holes can happen for any reason. 

If you notice a hole in your wall, be sure to get it patched or replaced as quickly as possible. Taking care of this problem in a timely manner decreases the chance of the problem getting worse and leading to a whole wall replacement. 


Hire A Professional for Drywall Repairs

If you start to notice any issues with your drywall, it’s best to call a professional drywall service to inspect and repair your walls. Hiring a professional drywall repair company will ensure that the damage is handled correctly and prevents further damage from occurring. 

Lee Company offers a wide variety of home improvement and handyman services that include drywall repair. Don’t delay in drywall damage repair, contact Lee Company today to schedule an appointment.

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