Enhancing Customer Experiences and Developing Relationships Through Facility Management

Lee Company’s conventional strategy for securing Facility Management (FM) contracts typically involved starting with a construction project, followed by service and preventative maintenance, eventually transitioning into a long-term facility management and maintenance partnership. However, for an industrial plant with 12 nationwide locations, a reverse approach proved to be the key to a successful strategic partnership’s beginning.

Customer Goals:

  • Provide a comprehensive service model, focusing on serving the client from the project’s inception to its completion, and beyond.
  • This approach would ensure the FM partner is there for their client, every step of the way, creating something strategic and customizable.


  • Lee Company provided a seamless experience including both education and assurance of peace of mind with the longevity and efficiency of equipment.
  • Lee Company is relied upon not just for technical expertise, but also for reliability and their customer-centric approach. One vendor, one contact, one-stop shop.


  • Lee Company secured a contract worth 1.3+ million dollars, primarily through their FM services.
  • Furthermore, they secured two more projects, showcasing their capability in project management and excellence in maintaining facilities.

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