Enhancing Lab Climate Control and Reliability for Tennessee Oncology

Enhancing Lab Climate Control and Reliability for Tennessee Oncology - Lee Company

Tennessee Oncology, located in Franklin, faced critical challenges in their molecular laboratory. Their primary objectives included achieving precise temperature and humidity control within a facility that demanded stringent indoor climate standards. Furthermore, they sought a long-term solution incorporating temperature alarms and a dependable partner capable of year-round support.

Customer Goals:

  • Stabilize temperature and humidity in the molecular lab – a testing lab with strict demands for indoor climate.
  • Provide a lasting solution by giving alarms when the temperature parameters reach unacceptable levels.
  • Obtain a facility partner to be trusted to keep operations going no matter the season.



  • This solution resulted in nearly an entire summer without significant operational shutdowns, marking a remarkable improvement compared to the previous summer.
  • Both the clinical manager and facilities manager now enjoy the assurance of a fully functional system. Moreover, in the rare event of any issues, they can rely on a proactive partner to minimize downtime for their crucial healthcare operations.


“Tennessee Oncology is glad to report that conditions at our Molecular Lab were vastly improved through the traditionally difficult summer season. We appreciate Lee Company’s attention to detail and look forward to continuing our partnership into the New Year.”

Ben Jones, Tennessee Oncology Facilities & Maintenance Manager

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