Global Supplier of Food Protein Needs New Equipment Pronto

A global supplier of food protein needs to keep its product in storage silos above 120F to prevent contamination due to bacterial growth. The existing equipment had reached the end of its service life and was unreliable. Adding to the reliability issues were constraints, such as, the equipment was proprietary in design, parts were nearly impossible to obtain, and the manufacturer was no longer in business.

Customer Goals:

  • Increase in temperature to provide a cushion for climate extremes.
  • Increase reliability by incorporating proven technology.
  • Increase efficiency with modern controls.
  • Eliminate possibility for noxious gases entering the storage silo.
  • Provide a non-proprietary solution that would allow lower maintenance cost.


  • Installed high-temperature hot water heating units that were simple and robust.
  • Installed industrial quality hot water boilers with readily available service parts.
  • Installed a durable piping system to distribute hot water to the new heating units.
  • Installed a non-proprietary control system to operate heating units, boilers, and pumps.
  • Added supervisory sensors to detect and alarm operators if conditions deviated from normal, and permit time to resolve the issues before product was affected.
  • Provided system efficiency of 84% and a supply temperature of 140F to address operating costs and climate extremes.


  • The owner accepted the solution because it systematically addressed each of the requirements through a process of analysis and due diligence on the part of Lee Company’s FM2 site-based maintenance team.

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