How to Choose a Good Garage Door Repair Company

How to Choose a Good Garage Door Repair Company - Lee Company

So you drive into your garage, press the button to close it behind you, and nothing happens. You press it again, and still nothing. A broken garage door is not only an inconvenience, but it can also be a safety hazard. If you have a garage door that needs repair or replacement, you’ll need to find an excellent company to handle the work. But how do you know which one to choose?

Before you schedule an appointment with just anyone, make sure you do your research. You’ll want to choose a business that will fix your door quickly and do it correctly and at a fair price. Here are some tips on choosing a reputable garage door repair company.

Garage door maintenance tips

First, let’s talk about how to avoid needing repair or replacement services in the first place. Like any other part of your home, garage doors must be maintained to function correctly and last a long time.

Garage doors have a long lifespan if they’re correctly maintained. To keep your garage door in tip-top shape, here are some maintenance tips to follow:

  • Close your garage door when you’re not using it
  • Check the door regularly for signs of damage (such as cracks, dents, or rust)
  • Lubricate the door’s moving parts at least once per year
  • Tighten all screws on the door track assembly
  • Replace the weatherstripping around the door if it’s worn out

Common garage door problems

Beyond the most noticeable problem of not opening or closing, garage doors can have various other issues. If you notice any of the following problems, it’s time to call in a professional for service:

  • The garage door opener is making strange noises
  • The door is off track
  • The opener remote isn’t working
  • There are visible gaps or light peeking through the top or bottom
  • The garage door is sagging
  • Unbalanced door, showing light
  • Safety sensors aren’t aligned or functioning properly

All of these can be signs of bigger garage door problems that will only get worse if not fixed.

3 questions to ask a garage door repair company

When it’s time to start calling around, there are a few key questions you should ask each garage door company. These questions will help you weed out the good businesses from the bad ones:

  • Are they properly licensed and insured?
  • Do they offer a warranty on their workmanship or garage door parts?
  • Do they provide upfront pricing?

Reviews are a great way to get a feel for a garage door company’s quality of work. It will give you peace of mind knowing that others have had a positive experience with them. You’ll also get an idea of what to expect at your appointment.

Once you’ve found a garage door company you feel good about, it’s time to discuss your options for repair or replacement.

How to prepare for a garage door repair appointment

Your appointment can be much quicker, easier, and less expensive if you take some time to prepare for it. Here are a few things you should do before your technician arrives:

Clear out your garage

Move any cars, bikes, lawn equipment, or other things that might be in the way. This will give the technician room to work and prevent them from accidentally damaging your belongings.

Gather any paperwork: If you have a garage door warranty or home warranty provider, call them ahead of time to see what’s covered. Not all garage door companies can handle warranty issues, and you might need specific paperwork or information to process your claim.

Pinpoint the problem

If you think you know what’s wrong with your garage door, be sure to let the technician know when they arrive. This will help them diagnose the problem quickly and get started on repairs.

Know the history

Has your garage door had any service or repairs in the past? If so, the technician will need to know what was done and when. This can help them identify any related issues.

Professional garage door repair services

If you’re searching for a reliable garage door repair company, consider Lee Company! We offer 24/7 emergency garage door services so you can get yours fixed quickly. We’ve also been around since 1944, so you can be sure you’re in good hands. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

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