Keeping Cool Under Stress


The HVAC system in a police precinct in a Middle Tennessee city needed maintenance, but shutting it down was not as simple as flipping a switch. The system in question was a sophisticated AAON VRF outdoor unit. The system was equipped with unique security controls that required a shutdown checklist to be followed to the letter. If a step was missed or taken out of order, the system would “lock” until a safety protocol was completed. That process would take eight hours. Meanwhile, the building would become extremely uncomfortable.

A properly working HVAC system is essential for comfort in any facility. In the case of the police precinct, it was essential for public safety. The build- ing served as headquarters for officers who serve neighborhoods, responded to emergency calls, and maintained a presence that reassured residents and businesses. A shutdown of the HVAC system would create uncomfortable conditions for first responders who were already working in a stressful environ- ment. It would also cause discomfort for members of the community who came to receive services.


Lee Company pros arrived soon after the customer’s call and assured them maintenance could be com- pleted quickly and properly without risking disrup- tion of services. Lee Company originally installed the mechanical equipment at the precinct, and our sense of responsibility did not end when the job was finished. We had maintained careful records of the proper shutdown sequence and had them available for fast reference in the field. The shut- down and restart protocol was documented by Lee Company’s visual findings platform. The tech- nology captures photos and videos in real time to enable customers to assess challenges, make con- fident decisions, and document work.


Thanks to careful record keeping and our commit- ment to training, our team members arrived on the scene with the required information in hand and the skills to work on the precinct’s specialized system. Lee Company’s visual findings technology provided a permanent record. We successfully completed the job while the police department worked without inter- ruption. At Lee Company, we think about HVAC so our customers don’t have to.

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