Local University in Dire Need of Consistent Hot Water

A local university was experiencing frequent failures on a domestic hot water recirculation pump that served the largest dormitory on campus. The pump frequently would leak water and ultimately stop operating once the bearing seized due to contamination. The lack of hot water recirculation created tremendous waste because students let the hot water run, while
waiting for the water to warm, since it had cooled due to no circulation.

Customer Goals:

  • Install new pump to eliminate downtime.
  • Supply a pump that was better suited for the application.
  • Increase system efficiency.
  • Access to locally available service and repair supplies was mandatory since the dormitory was a 24/7 operation.


  • Multiple pump selections were assessed, and a new pump was selected for installation.
  • The new pump duty point of operation (same as old pump) resulted in an efficiency of 74%.
  • The new pump required a 0.16 horsepower motor versus the old pump having a 0.75 hp motor.


  • The new pump operates in almost total silence with no detectable vibration.
  • The new pump required only minor modifications to the piping system.
  • The new efficiency point of operations resulted in an energy savings of approximately $500 per year.
  • Leaking and wasted water has been eliminated (assumed to be $200 per year).

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