At Lee Company, we’re honored by the talented people who make our company their professional home. Their dedication and great work enables us to help more and more customers. In turn, as we grow our business, we gain the opportunity to help more employees thrive – one of our big goals!

We want you to know the people who make a difference for all the customers and the communities we serve. Periodically, we’ll highlight team members as they reach milestone career marks. Thanks and congrats to these 2018 achievers!



Clinton G.
Account Representative, Special Projects

Just four days after he graduated from high school, Clinton started work in the sheet metal shop at Lee Company. It was definitely an educated decision: Clinton’s career has flourished here. He has managed and installed two large projects in South Georgia, received his certification and moved into T&B and service work. Finally, Clinton shifted to sales, and became Lee Company’s first Special Projects project manager.

“Lee Company has allowed me to learn, grow and teach others for most of my entire adulthood. What I enjoy most about working here is the people I work with and the friends I’ve made. Most of the people here are much more than coworkers; they are close friends that you can count on to be there when you need them.”


Lee Company


Angela C.

Call Lee Company, or walk through the door at our Wallace Place headquarters, and Angela will be the angel greeting you. She’s a treasure; as our longtime receptionist, she embodies our company culture. In addition to her “front and center” position, Angela has also worked in warehouse/purchasing and commercial accounts receivable.

“I enjoy my role as receptionist because I can make a difference. For example, I can boost the confidence of a nervous candidate waiting in the lobby for a job interview or be the calm voice who reassures a customer that all is well. It’s a matter of simply treating the customers the way you would want to be treated.”



Wayne H.
Plumbing Mechanic

Ever since joining Lee Company in 1988, Wayne has been honing his talents and helping our construction teams succeed. He began as a pipefitter, and learned other skills in the field as he worked on a variety of jobs. For years, Wayne traveled to various states for our Construction Group; he moved to manufacturing in 2005 and enjoys mentoring other plumbing professionals.

He says “I love working at Lee Company because I feel like I am treated as a family member and not just an employee.”


Lee Company


Steve S.
Senior Vice President of Facilities Solutions

Steve started work at Lee Company in 1998 as a commercial contract salesman and   quickly established himself as a leader. He was promoted to sales manager, then director of our Commercial Service Group, then vice president of Facilities Solutions. He was named senior vice president of Facilities Solutions. Among other things, Steve created our FM2 Group, and started our electrical and security services groups. He also co-developed and led our INSIGHT technology platform.

“My favorite thing about Lee Company is that I am given the opportunity to make a difference every single day in the life of an employee, in the life of a customer or in the life of someone in our community (or around the world) who is impacted because of our ability as a company to give. I hope that in some way over my ‘first’ 20 years that I have made work a little more enjoyable for some, and that I have been able to make a customer’s experience with Lee Company a little better.”


Lee Company


Barry P.
Senior Superintendent

Barry’s first job with Lee Company was working as a pipefitter/plumber in our Construction Group. Over the years, he has travelled throughout the country for Lee Company construction projects. His career with us has also taken him to Mexicali, Mexico, where he helped build the Kenworth plant. Good work is rewarded, and Barry has steadily moved his way up. He’s now a role model for reliability and dedication as one of our best senior superintendents in Construction.

“When I came here 20 years ago, I had heard great things about the company, like how they take care of their employees, so I decided to give it a try. I quickly came to the decision to make Lee Company my permanent home! Over the years, I have made many great friendships from the Lee Company family. It has been great stability for me and my family!”


Lee Company


Tim D.
Senior Superintendent

Tim hired on in our Construction Group in 1998, and quickly had the opportunity to travel. While on the road for Lee Company, he has built projects in a number of states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Florida and Georgia – just to name a few. Most recently, he’s been our primary contact for Belmont.

“I think my favorite thing about my job is to hire young people and see them grow into top help. At Lee Company, you get to work on many types of construction projects and learn many things.”


Lee company


Josh R.
Facilities Solutions Consultant 

Josh has come a long way since he started at Lee Company as a part-time employee making the minimum wage of $4.25 in our Large Construction group. Josh started as a pipefitter helper for his dad, a Lee Company pro, and worked summers until he graduated high school. He moved to the commercial maintenance group in 1998, and became a Facilities Solutions consultant.

“Those summers helped mold my future at Lee Company. I always enjoyed working with my dad, but never truly appreciated the life lessons of working with him until I started my own career path.”



At Lee Company, our employees build careers. We build friendships. We build families. If that sounds good to you, check out the Lee Company careers page. We’re growing. Grow with us! In 20 years, we could be sharing your success story.