Maplehurst Frozen Dough Receives 2018 Eagle Award and 2018 Merit Award

Maplehurst 2018 ABC awards

Excellence in Construction: Maplehurst Frozen Dough

Maplehurst Frozen Dough is an industrial factory that creates one of the world’s favorite food items – donuts! Congratulations to the Lee Company pros who worked on this plant located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee: Maplehurst Frozen Dough has been honored with Excellence in Construction awards from the Greater Tennessee and North Alabama chapters of the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC).

Maplehurst Frozen Dough received the 2018 Eagle Award from the Greater Tennessee Associated Builders and Contractors chapter and the 2018 Merit Award from the North Alabama Associated Builders and Contractors Chapter.

Donuts are delightful. Baking donuts? That can be messy.

To ensure the Maplehurst bakery met FDA wash-down requirements, Lee Company replaced the plant’s extensive hot water system, tripling the facility’s hot-water capacity. The on-site work – including all piping connections, flue connections, electrical, and startups – was completed over five days without interrupting plant operations. Lee Company also provided design/build services for a new frozen dough line, allowing the bakery to expand its business with shipments throughout the country. This work included setting four DX AAON rooftop units in place in four hours to minimize disruptions. You do not delay donuts!

Success tastes great!

With frozen donut capabilities and abundant hot water, the Maplehurst industrial bakery is now well prepared to meet both business opportunities and federal regulations. Lee Company completed its challenging work on time and on budget. And, as you might imagine, there was a celebration. With donuts.

The final results? Delicious. With Lee Company’s innovation and expertise, Maplehurst Frozen Dough didn’t skip a beat – that is sweet!

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P.S. Maplehurst Frozen Dough was one of 10 Lee Company projects honored with a 2018 ABC award – and several of those projects received multiple awards! Altogether, Lee Company took home 17 ABC awards this year. That’s incredible. We greatly appreciate this industry recognition of our dedicated professionals and their work. Thanks to our team and clients. We couldn’t do it without you!