Metro Nashville Parks Hartman Community Center

Metro Nashville Parks approached Lee Company to replace a pool de-humidification unit (PDU) at a functioning community center.

Customer Goals:

  • Work needed to be performed while the community center remained open.
  • Use of the pool was not to be impacted.
  • Access and maintenance for the replacement unit needed to be improved.


  • Lee Company proposed to pour a new equipment pad outside the mechanical room (which had an exterior wall) and set a new outdoor packaged PDU, reconnecting duct through exterior wall to existing systems. The existing PDU air handler (indoor portion) was to be abandoned in place for future demolition.
  • The existing AHU fan was still functional, so the proposed solution allowed the existing AHU fan to ventilate the pool area for the majority of the construction project.
  • This solution limited downtime and disruption to the occupied space, keeping the majority of the work on the outside of the facility.


  • The project was design/build and turn-key by Lee Company. The team was able to use in-house engineering, electrical, and technical services to complete the project, an pull in an external concrete sub for the full package.

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