Nashville’s Amazon RAD-1 Receives 2020 Merit Awards

Nashville’s Amazon RAD - 1 Receives 2020 Merit Awards - Lee Company Construction

Amazon is known for speedy delivery, so when the company decided to establish a huge warehouse in Nashville, it came as no surprise that the project timeframe was fast. Unbelievably fast. Rapid Asset Development (RAD) is a unique facility type in the Amazon portfolio as all technology needs for Amazon will be served from this facility. The customer here is Amazon, and Amazon’s most demanding customer is Amazon itself.

We reviewed Amazon’s expectations, decided the job was daunting but doable and went for it.

After winning the contract with this new-to-the region, “prime” customer, we had only three months to do the job: a complete buildout of an existing 517,532 square-foot facility into an efficient Amazon warehouse with an office area, several bathrooms, and a break room. To further complicate the schedule and add to the stress, the three months allotted for the Amazon RAD-1 project coincided with the 2019 holiday season – the project ran from October 2019 until the first week of January 2020.

Making the rebuild happen, on time and on budget, took incredible teamwork and technology. We used everything from a 3D scanner to a helicopter. And, it must be said, a couple of tricycles. 

Amazon RAD–1 received the 2020 Merit Award from the Greater Tennessee Associated Builders and Contractors chapter and the 2020 Award of Merit from the North Alabama Associated Builders and Contractors Chapter.

Giant success

As a commercial giant, Amazon brings new jobs and possibilities to the Nashville region.

We completed its first job for this coveted customer with flying colors: The Amazon RAD-1 warehouse was rebuilt on time, on budget, and with no safety incidents. That success is opening the doors to other projects; Lee Company has already been awarded another, larger project with Amazon in the Mt. Juliet, Tenn., community. Teamwork and technology will again be in full display on the new project. Trikes may not be required.  

P.S. Amazon RAD – 1 was one of 5 Lee Company projects honored with a 2020 ABC award – and several of those projects received multiple awards! Altogether, Lee Company took home 9 ABC awards this year. That’s incredible. We greatly appreciate this industry recognition of our dedicated professionals and their work. Thanks to our team and customers. We couldn’t do it without you!


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