NHC Place at Cool Springs

Lee Company is seen as an extension of the NHC team based on our repeat presence, response time, and dedication to serving them. The theme is that we are able to supplement a healthcare business who has needs that are often critical. We are looked at as a crucial part of keeping their building running.

Customer Goals:

NHC Place at Cool Springs is a 200,000 square foot assisted living/skilled nursing facility in Franklin, TN. On any given day,
there are approximately 200 residents and patients in the facility who are recovering from an illness or need elderly care. From a facilities perspective, the challenge is to keep a comfortable, healthy environment for the specific needs of the senior population. This includes climate but also indoor air quality, fire safety, and a fully functional building.

The building was built in the late 1990’s, so the original equipment installed has reached the end of its usable life. Since we formed our partnership in 2018, there have been constant needs – failing HVAC units, controls issues, and regulatory needs. With the age of the building comes enhanced focus on keeping it running.


We engaged with a preventive maintenance partnership in early 2019. That includes four visits per year to ensure their base HVAC systems (cooling & heating) are in optimum condition to run as smoothly as possible.

Since that time, we have engaged in constant “demand” repairs to both repair and replace failing units. The building installation included a faulty heat rejection loop, which means the equipment is constantly on the verge of failure in the summer months. On any given week, we have a technician there at least 4 days. Don’s team is small and not equipped to handle all of the building needs, thus he has to have a trusted partner to keep the building running smoothly. “Keeping our patients comfortable is my number one job. Trust is a big factor in having someone we can trust to come in and perform the services we need.”

In addition, Don has trusted us with plumbing repairs – whether it be for the kitchen or for the patient bathrooms when there is a leak or a stoppage.

“We need good technicians who can solve the problems without much guidance. Also, the response time is excellent,” Don said. When you operate in healthcare, your needs are always immediate as any situation can be critical.


Lee Company is a trusted partner and essentially an extension of Don’s maintenance team. “It is Lee Company’s true commitment to quality service and response ability that makes our partnership long-lasting,” said Don.

To go beyond just our core services, Don has also trusted us with his needs for regulatory health agency inspections, including fire damper inspections. This is a once-per-four-year need that makes sure the building is functioning correctly to prevent spread in the event of a fire. “We put a premium on professionalism and competing the job on time,” Don said. With that, he says he will continue to trust us to make sure he meets the needs of the business and serving patients.

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