Optimizing Compressor Room Efficiency

An automotive supplier responsible for stamping both steel and aluminum products had a challenge that needed a solution. The company’s compressor room was plagued with persistent issues, resulting in inefficiencies and increased operational costs. By adopting a straightforward yet effective approach, they not only identified the root causes of their problems but also found a reliable partner to address them.

Customer Goals:

  • Create a solution to mitigate disruptions that hinder production and increased downtime in compressor room.
  • Create a consistent flow of compressed air, as to not affect the quality and efficiency of their operations.


  • Lee Company deconstructed the existing system and uncovered the opportunity to rebuild the compressor room for improved performance.
  • They developed a plan to overhaul the compressor room, addressing both simple and complex issues. Rather than seeking a turnkey solution, they optimized the existing equipment, eliminating the need for costly replacements.


  • Lee Company and the automotive supplier adopted a partnership approach — choosing a partner who shared the commitment to long-term success.
  • By taking this approach, the automotive supplier not only optimized their compressor room but also enhanced their overall operational efficiency.

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