Revolutionizing Plant Expansion: Solving Humidity Woes for Perfect Pet Treats!

A local dog food industrial plant’s choice to use an air-cooled compressor caused humidity trouble in the hot environment, impacting our furry friends’ dry dog food. To the rescue: A cooler, water-cooled system suggestion. By introducing an air-to-water heat exchanger with a process chiller, we achieved a delightful 20-degree drop. Result? The dryer is now more eFfcient and no soggy kibble in sight!

Customer Goals:

  • Repair or replace the air-cooled system that had been installed during the plant expansion.
  • Large fans had been brought in to attempt to cool the area. The area was too large and hot, so another and permanent solution would need to be implemented.
  • Keep the area cool, while mitigating moisture from impacting the dog food.


  • Lee Company suggested the unique solution for a water-cooling air compressor to properly remove moisture from compressed air.


  • The outcome reduced noise, prevented loss of product and downtime, and created a comfortable working environment.
  • Lee Company continues to perform maintenance on the systems, and has earned more projects for cracking this head-scratcher.


“We are very impressed and satisfied with the design and quality of work provided by Lee Company with this project. They were able to offer us a design solution and implementation plan that went above and beyond. Since the installation and implementation of the chiller and heat exchangers, we have seen an drastic decline in the water in our compressed air. Thanks again for all of your support,” project engineer at the facility.

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