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When Robert (Rock) Roberts started working for Lee Company in December 1977, he knew his bosses had high expectations. “When they hired me, I told them I could do the work or they could let me go,” Roberts says. “Forty years later, I’m still here.”

Still here – and still doing the work! During his time with Lee Company, Roberts has handled a wide variety of duties, including establishment of our first fabrication shop, and has won numerous safety awards and two awards of excellence in construction. Today, as a Field Superintendent, Roberts uses the experience gained over the past four decades to train others just learning the trades. In mentoring these new hires, Roberts is carrying on a proud Lee Company tradition: passing knowledge along, so all employees can thrive.

“Many of the men and women I have worked with here have become more than co-workers; they are family,” Roberts says. “My job now is to train our new employees in the proper and safe techniques to work and install equipment and piping. It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of my job – being able to prepare the next generation of Lee Company.”

Richard Perko, President and CEO of Lee Company, says Roberts has been an “incredible asset” in the field and, for the past 11 years, as an instructor for Lee Company University, a free technical training school open to employees.

“Robert has taught classes in HVAC, piping, plumbing and now welding,” Perko says. “I can’t say enough about someone who would not only give 40 years of their life to Lee Company, but also give so much time teaching others. That is the definition of servant leadership!”

Congratulations to Rock Roberts for creating a legacy of dedication and service, and “Thank You!” for building your career at Lee Company!


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