Transforming the HVAC Backbone of a Healthcare Facility

In a pivotal move, Lee Company answered the call from Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) to revolutionize the heart of Parkridge Medical Center. Tasked with rejuvenating the backbone of the hospital’s HVAC system, this mission required meticulous planning and unwavering perfection. Serving vital areas that had remained untouched for more than 30 years, Lee Company stepped up to the challenge, leaving no room for error! 

Customer Goals:

  • Remove existing units in pieces by disassembling and reassembling new equipment, including air handling units, coil replacements, upgrades to steam systems serving units, replacement of sections, and complete controls upgrades. 
  • Install 40+ water-cooled temporary cooling units. 
  • Commission and start-up equipment in 3-5 day shutdowns to disturb the facility as little as possible.  


  • Lee Company worked 24 hours on each shutdown with two shifts to complete the work. 
  • The diversity and expanse of Lee Company’s teams provided additional labor and resources, to create zero interruption for neighboring clients.  
  • Complete the work in 3-5 day shutdowns.


  • The work was completed with very limited downtime to ensure quality treatment and care for the community served. 
  • The success of this project has led to several new opportunities with HCA in the Chattanooga area including another HVAC upgrade to a sister campus for $1M+ 


Tyler Harris, the DPO of Parkridge’s main campus, said, “If your team performs this way, I will generate enough work to keep them busy for the next several years.”  

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