When Duct Tape Won’t Cover It

Duct system


As every healthcare facility manager knows, there are a lot of things you can fix with duct tape. Leaky ducts aren’t one of them. To stay compliant with strict airflow regulations, hospitals, surgical centers and other healthcare facilities must keep ductwork properly sealed. Unfortunately, once leaks are found, fixing them often means removing ceiling tiles or breaking through walls – a real problem in areas where cleanliness is a matter of life and death.


Aeroseal, developed at the Berkley National Labo- ratory with funding from the Department of Energy and others, seals ducts from the inside, eliminat- ing the need to break walls or remove ceiling tiles. With Aeroseal, the Lee Company technician only needs a small access site to the ducts. Using computerized technology, along with air velocity and pressure, Aeroseal senses air inside the duct and metabolizes to seal the hole.


As the only facility solutions provider offering Aeroseal in Middle Tennessee, Lee Company is already seeing dramatic results with healthcare clients – and that’s no surprise, given the research expertise that went into developing this innovative duct sealer. With traditional methods, 10% or less leakage is typically acceptable after ducts are patched. Aeroseal brings that down as low as 3%. Lab results also demonstrate a longer lifespan for smoother day-to-day operations.

Stick With Lee Company

At Lee Company, we appreciate the value of proven products. We’ll stick with a good thing until some- thing better comes along. Aeroseal is better. There’s no comparing it to the traditional method of trying to find and patch pinholes. This safe and easy solution is the perfect answer for healthcare customers concerned about compliance and cleanliness.

Lee Company starts with a test/balance to get a baseline for your system. Leaks often stem from duct damage, rather than issues with the air handling unit. When that’s the situation, Aeroseal makes the repairs faster, cleaner and better. With less leakage, energy costs go down. Satisfaction goes up.

“The ductwork in our hospital is hard to access – we have a lot of specialized equipment above the ceiling. But, when we went out of compliance, we had to fix the system ASAP. I thought we might need a whole new unit. Fortunately, Lee Company determined the ducts could be repaired with Aeroseal. They did all the repair work from one room, with one hose and no mess. It was clean and simple, and we were back in compliance the next day.”

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