UPDATE 3/27/2020

Safety is always the #1 priority at Lee Company.

NOTE: On Thursday, March 19, we donated our remaining stock of over 1,200 masks to healthcare institutions that were requesting them in our operating region.

As the coronavirus situation evolves, health and safety are top of mind.

We want to let you know the current steps Lee Company is taking to ensure everyone’s safety as we continue to provide service to homes and facilities throughout the region.

  • In keeping with our 24/7 approach to business, we are monitoring around-the-clock updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health officials. Knowledge is power, and we’re staying informed and on top of this developing situation.
  • Planning for the unexpected is part of our plan. We always have systems and procedures in place to ensure we can do our job and keep customers safe and comfortable while minimizing exposure to any health risks for you and our employees.
  • We understand that electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems are critical services and we are prepared to continue providing our services even while changing our work processes to accommodate a pandemic response.
  • Lee Company professionals are responding as promptly as ever to service calls. We’re ready to help with everything from routine maintenance and repairs to providing emergency support for your home or facility. Among other things, our investments in technology over the past few years allow us to do so increasingly without engaging you directly.
  • Lee Company is known for our friendly professionals and that will never change. With that as a given, we have asked our technicians not to reach out to shake your hand when they arrive. This is out of an abundance of caution for you, as well as our technicians during this unprecedented time.
  • Our employees are encouraged to stay home if they are sick. If they have symptoms, they are required to stay home. If you see a technician wearing a mask, that does not mean they are sick, we have provided these purely for peace of mind and prevention.
  • Along the same lines, if someone in your home or at your workplace is ill, we ask that you let us know of the situation so that our techs can work to avoid directly contacting the area where this person is located.
  • We know every home and every facility is unique. Please let us know of any particular requests or requirements when setting up your service call, so we can respond accordingly.


We encourage all Lee Company customers and employees to take advantage of the excellent safety tips provided by the CDC. For clear advice on how to protect yourself and your family, take a quick look at what the experts suggest.

As this COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we will adjust our plans and procedures accordingly and will keep you updated on any necessary changes. Rest assured, Lee Company’s concern for the well-being of our customers, employees, and community will never change.

All my best,

Richard Perko

President & CEO