Take your smart thermostat to the next level. LeeStat:

  • Delivers 24/7 monitoring of multiple facilities or a single site
  • Combines real-time data + preventive maintenance
  • Adjust thermostats to improve energy usage
  • Provides fingertip control over units and schedules

Let's talk about LeeStat!

With LeeStat, you can be two places at once.

Whether you’re managing one facility or 100, you can’t be on site 24/7. Or can you? The LeeStat smart thermostat system provides round-the-clock remote monitoring, under the watchful eye of Lee Company’s experienced professionals. If there’s an HVAC issue or a leak, we’ll let you know. Gain peace of mind with LeeStat, no matter where you are.

How does it work? We’re glad you asked.

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LeeStat is smart. And it’s just the start.

Lee Company technology enables us to monitor building automation systems (BAS), including regular checks of designated points, temperatures, and alarms. We can also obtain visual findings and share them with you, so you are prepared to make informed decisions based on transparent data. Clear insights from Lee Company help you:

  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Ensure that service, calibration, and maintenance all contribute to enhanced performance and efficiency
  • Optimize the lifecycle of critical HVAC systems


LeeStat - Smart Thermostat by Lee Company

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