Amazon is known for speedy delivery, so when the company decided to establish a huge warehouse in Nashville, it came as no surprise that the project timeframe was fast. Unbelievably fast. Lee Company had only three months to do a complete buildout of an existing 517,532 square-foot warehouse with soaring, 40-foot ceilings. Accomplishing the daunting deed, and pleasing this prime new customer, required the use of a 3D scanner, Lee Company’s design team and fabrication shop, a helicopter – and a couple of tricycles. Lee Company met every challenge, and finished the rebuild on time and on budget.

Square Footage:

Existing 517,532 square foot warehouse

Duration: 3 months

Scope of Work:

  • (44) packaged rooftop units from Trane
  • (6) Mitsubishi mini splits
  • (2) Liebert CRAC units
  • (4) Greenheck gas fired heaters
  • (9) Greenheck fans
  • (4) Berko electric air curtain heaters
  • 6,500 feet of gas pipe hung 35 feet in the air
  • 5,700 feet of domestic water
  • (96) total plumbing fixtures
  • Helicopter used to set 46 pieces of equipment in 3.5 hours; using this innovative approach vs. a crane saved several days’ worth of work

Awards: ABC Award Winner