Back in 1983, Lee Company installed the original HVAC system in the Summit Building in Brentwood, Tennessee. In 2017, Lee Company got the call to renovate the system, now supporting a medical facility. There was no time to reminisce about the good old days – the tenant needed the work done ASAP, the building was fully occupied, and air quality and temperature requirements were strict. Using creative solutions and methods, Lee Company worked around the clock to get the job done on time without disrupting operations. With the new system installed, Lee Company is literally building on success!

Square Footage:

33,000 square feet

Duration: 10 months

Scope of Work:

  • Demolition of existing HVAC systems and controls
  • Installation of new VAV air-handling unit and 6 fancoil units
  • Installation of 62 VAV boxes with hot water reheat
  • Installation of new hot water piping to serve new VAV boxes
  • Installation of chemical treatment system to serve chilled water and hot water systems
  • Installation and programming of new DDC control system
  • Test and balancing of airside and waterside of new systems
  • Use of AeroSeal® for the penthouse shaft and ductwork; Lee Company is the only commercial provider using AeroSeal® in the Nashville area

Awards: ABC Award Winner