Air Duct Cleaning: Is It Worth It?

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With the chills of winter almost behind us, many have started thinking about spring cleaning; the annual thorough cleaning that makes a home feel as fresh as the spring air. After dusting, scrubbing and organizing everything in sight, oftentimes there are hidden parts of the home left behind, and they can be the culprits behind a home feeling less than Spring clean.

If you notice the need to dust your house more than you used to, or if your furniture gets dusty just after you clean it, it may be time to get your air ducts cleaned.



Anything that passes through your filter (or accidentally drops through a vent like your kid’s toys) will end up in your air ducts. Some of the most concerning things can include:

  • Excessive dust or remodeling debris
  • Insects or rodent waste
  • Pet hair and dander

Every time the furnace kicks on, it blows out whatever particles are stuck in your ducts. For many homeowners, this can trigger or increase sneezing, allergies, and sinus issues.

Pro tip: If you’ve done any remodeling work in your home lately, drywall dust and other debris may be trapped in your ducts. This can also occur in newly built homes where sawdust, sheetrock, or other home building materials may be in the air ducts.



At Lee Company, our professional technicians use a two-pronged method to clean air ducts thoroughly. It involves using a brush to scrub, release and vacuum any trapped debris, along with a powerful air machine that sucks any remaining dust outside of your home and through a filter. Specifically:

  • Rotobrush: We use the latest Rotobrush system to go into each individual duct, scrub it clean and vacuum it out
  • Negative air machine: This powerful vacuum produces a negative draw on the HVAC system, pulling any dust or dirt that remains out of your ducts and through a filter, before heading out of your house for good

We also pay close attention to furnaces, cleaning the indoor blower and the indoor coil to remove any dust and dirt that has collected over time. This process makes the system run more efficiently (saving you money) and allows more air to run through debris-free.


Dirty Air Vent



If you notice your dryer is taking longer than usual to dry clothes, it’s likely there is excess lint trapped in the vent. This can pose a potential fire hazard. To keep your home safe, ask your professional about dryer vent cleaning.

Pro tip: Dryer vents should be metal, not canvas. If you still have a canvas vent, please have it updated to avoid fire risk.



We recommend having your ductwork cleaned every 6 years as a part of regular maintenance. If you don’t know the last time your air ducts were cleaned, or if you’re noticing more dust than usual around your home, then having your air ducts cleaned may be worth it for your family and home.

To get pricing and schedule an air duct cleaning appointment, give us a call today at 615.567.1000. As always, Home Maintenance Plan members receive an extra 5% off the service.