Bowling Green’s BG1 Receives the 2019 Merit Award

Bowling Green’s BG1 Receives the 2019 Merit Award


Lee Company knew there would be challenges when it got a design-build contract from BG1 to add a five-story tower to an existing water processing plant in Bowling Green, KY. The plant was fully operational. The tower was 80 feet tall, with little access for pipes and ductwork. The cramped working space was incredibly hot. Still, with virtual construction capabilities, an in-house manufacturing facility, and terrific teamwork, Lee Company triumphed. The job was completed on time, with no accidents. The plant is now running at maximum potential – a feat BG1 hadn’t achieved with any other design-build companies.

BG1 received the 2019 Merit Award from the Greater Tennessee Associated Builders chapter.


Quality makes the difference

With the tower constructed and the equipment running, BG1 delights in bringing team members, including company executives, in to see it. Everyone agrees that Lee Company’s attention to detail is unsurpassed – from how the pipes are threaded to the clean, perfectly straight lines of the plumbing. BG1 has had similar towers built at other facilities in other states and says this is the first that was designed and piped in such a way that they can run at maximum potential.

As a result, BG1 immediately gave Lee Company another assignment and is asking to see designs for another tower.

The Lee Company project manager on this job says the only way to achieve an accomplishment like this is through teamwork, from sales and the manufacturing facility through the technicians in the field. Quality, customer service, and teamwork pay off for everyone.

P.S. BG1 was one of 5 Lee Company projects honored with a 2019 ABC award – and several of those projects received multiple awards! Altogether, Lee Company took home 9 ABC awards this year. That’s incredible. We greatly appreciate this industry recognition of our dedicated professionals and their work. Thanks to our team and clients. We couldn’t do it without you!