Congratulations on 20 years, Brent S.! - Lee Company

At Lee Company, part of our mission is “to create a workplace where our employees can thrive.” We’re honored and strengthened by the many employees who make Lee Company their professional home – often for decades! We want you to know the dedicated pros making a difference for all the customers and communities we serve. Periodically, we’ll highlight team members as they reach milestone career marks. Thanks, and congrats to this 2021 achiever!

20 Years
Brent S.
Senior Systems Administrator

Brent joined the U.S. Navy as a 19-year-old. He was an interior communications electrician and for 10 years, learned the value of a hard work ethic. After the Navy, Brent dabbled in mechanical work, then moved to Tennessee. He started playing pool on Monday nights, which led to an interview at Lee Company. Brent had no previous IT experience, but was hired to learn!

With Brent’s energy and ambition, he’s learned the many functions of the IT world and has been instrumental in helping our team become what it is today. He’s seen a lot of technology changes. “Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to, but it’s better for everyone in the long run. Learning to work well with others is an important skill to know.”

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and remember, you can always Google it!”