Giving Thanks for Proactive Support

Bargain Hunt store front


On the morning of Thanksgiving 2019, an alarm came into Lee Company’s virtual support center, noting that all 13 HVAC units at the Bargain Hunt store in Southhaven, MS, were out of commission. The Bargain Hunt team was off work for the holiday, but Lee Company knew the issue couldn’t wait: The store had to be ready for Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year.


LeeStat, a 24/7 monitoring program that combines real-time data with preventive maintenance, sounded the alarm, and the Lee Company team took action. After sending a notification to Bargain Hunt, the Lee Company predictive analytics specialist on duty proactively asked the local utility to investigate the issue. The gas company said no irregularities could be identified, but sent a technician to the site to check, just in case.


The LeeStat alarm was right on the money. When the utility team arrived at the Southhaven facility, they discovered that a driver had backed into the gas meter behind the store, then turned it off! With the gas off, there were no leaks, so no alarms sounded at the utility company. Fortunately, the utility crew was able to fix the broken meter and restore the gas immediately.

LeeStat To The Rescue:

The LeeStat alarm that triggered the action is one of many notifications the system provides. The Lee Company team filters incoming data to ensure customers are only notified of issues that require their attention. This approach saves LeeStat customers valuable time and helps prevent alarm fatigue.

As a trusted Bargain Hunt partner, Lee Company was in the midst of an energy-use analysis for the company. Our predictive analytics specialist knew he had permission to contact local utilities directly. His proactive Thanksgiving Day response enabled the utility to find and repair the problem that day and have the Bargain Hunt store ready for Black Friday shoppers. With Lee Company pros on the job 24/7, customers don’t have to be. Now, that’s a reason to be thankful!

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