Keep Winter’s Chill Outside

Keep Winter’s Chill Outside

Your heating, ventilation, and cooling system, called HVAC for short, works quietly all year to keep your home comfortable. But as winter approaches, the system may have to run more often to keep your home warm.

That can set the stage for malfunctions. Fortunately, some HVAC issues can be prevented or taken care of with a quick DIY fix. Of course, it’s time to call a professional if you have a serious problem or an emergency. Our pros make sure your HVAC system is running smoothly this winter.

Here are answers to common questions about HVAC systems and tips from our pros:

Why is the room too hot or too cold?

The temperature might be fine, but the humidity in your house is too low. The ideal indoor humidity is 35 to 45%. Lower levels can make the air feel colder than it really is. Low humidity can also contribute to dry skin and nose bleeds. It can even cause wood floors, millwork, and furniture to dry out and crack. Call Lee Company to install a whole-system humidification system.

If the humidity is fine and the house is still uncomfortable, there could be an airflow issue caused by dust or debris in the air duct. Or the fan that moves the air through the system could be blocked or have a broken motor. Call Lee Company to schedule air duct cleaning and system maintenance.

Why can’t I set the temperature accurately?

It’s possible your HVAC system is malfunctioning because of a problem with the thermostat. If the thermostat uses a battery, try replacing it. Troubleshoot by changing the temperature to different settings. If the system still isn’t working correctly, call a professional.

Do I need to clean or replace my air filters?

Systems use disposable or permanent filters that remove dust and dirt particles from the air. If they become clogged, your furnace could “lock out” and not turn on because of the high temperature. Replacing or cleaning air filters regularly will help the system run smoothly and improve the air quality in your home.

What if my heat pump isn’t working correctly?

Some homes are heated by an outdoor electric heat pump where ice can build up on the coils. A malfunctioning unit may run constantly and can be expensive to operate. If you see a huge spike in your monthly electricity bill, ensure the heat pump is not frozen.

Another sign of a problem is low indoor humidity. A constantly running heat pump can dry out the air inside your home, causing the problems mentioned above. Call Lee Company to diagnose the problem.

Regular HVAC maintenance

Nothing is more frustrating on a cold night than setting the thermostat and realizing the furnace won’t turn on. You can avoid that with regular maintenance. A heating inspection from our pros will clean pressure ports and burners and ensure the unit is burning safely and efficiently by checking for proper ventilation and gas pressures.

Call the heating repair experts

At Lee Company, our team of HVAC experts is ready to assist you with any issues affecting your HVAC system. Whether it’s faulty wiring, broken motors, or regular tune-ups and inspections, Lee Company has you covered.

Contact us today to schedule maintenance or repair of your HVAC system.

Need to get your HVAC ready for winter?