What to Expect During a Heating Inspection

Lee Co Home Services

A quality home heating inspection will include testing and cleaning all of the critical parts of your HVAC system — from wires and controls to evaporators and condensers. Your HVAC professional will also check your home air filters and make recommendations for heating maintenance and what you can do to improve your home air quality.



Our heating technicians complete a thorough checklist and run a complete furnace cycle before leaving. In addition to the electrical and control checks, we complete an air conditioning and heating inspection, we’ll run through a list that includes:

  • Clean and adjust the thermostat
  • Clean and adjust all safety controls
  • Clean burners and controls
  • Clean and adjust the pilot assembly
  • Check the hot surface ignitor and flame sensor
  • Check electronic spark ignition controls
  • Adjust the burner for efficiency
  • Check for gas leaks in the furnace
  • Check and recommend air filtration
  • Check the vent pipe and draft diverter
  • Check the fan control
  • Check manifold pressure
  • Check the furnace for cracked heat exchanger
  • Test temperature rise

Pro tip: If your furnace is more than 15 years old, it’s worth looking into having it replaced. Newer models are more efficient and provide better temperature control in your home. A high-efficiency system can also help reduce your AC costs in the summer. Annual furnace maintenance helps you assess the needed HVAC repairs or replacements. 



It pays to have a plan for your home’s most critical systems, and Lee Company’s Home Maintenance Plan is the best in the business. For as little as $144 a year, you will receive annual inspections of your air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical systems. As a member, you’ll also receive priority service, a discount on service calls, and waived emergency call fees. Contact us today to become a member.