Lee Company Heating Things Up at the ICE Conference in Nashville

Lee Company Heating Things Up at the ICE Conference in Nashville

Ice, Ice Baby!

A different kind of tune was present in Music City when the ICE conference came to town.

What is ICE?

ICE, or the Independent Contractors Exchange, is a group of contractors specializing in installing, operating, repairing, and maintaining large commercial and industrial cooling systems and building and process control systems.

The group expands globally, and its mission is to improve people, companies, and the industry through technical support and training, sharing of best practices, and maintaining positive relationships with strategic partners in the industry.

Mike Harrell, Vice President of Facility Services at Lee Company, has served on the ICE board for a few years. When the idea to host the conference in Nashville came about, Mike knew his team would be ready! In fact, many of the team members attended, participating in several presentations and breakout sessions.

At the conference, global companies gathered for an extended weekend to hear the latest and greatest in technology, technique, and innovation around highly-technical mechanical systems.

Topics revolved around retaining top talent, transparency through technology innovation, being present for business units, communicating clearly and intentionally in a noisy world, and of course, trends and technical expertise around massive HVAC systems.

Predictive analytics, the use of data to predict future trends and events, was a common theme throughout the conference. The premise is to use historical data to forecast potential scenarios to help drive strategic decisions, so their aid in today’s modern facility management is great. Numbers and data tell an incredible story, and the insight and innovation displayed at this conference reiterated just that.

Working with Lee Company

Our mission at Lee Company is “to create a workplace where our employees can thrive. To be committed to finding innovative and original solutions, thoughtfully and reliably, to meet the specific needs of every customer.”

Being part of ICE enables us to continue learning the latest trends and discoveries in the world of technology. That, in turn, helps us accomplish our mission for our customers. A win-win!

Thanks to the many conference sponsors and participants! We won’t be in Nashville next year, but we can’t wait to see everyone at the next conference location!

Join our team if you’d like to grow, advance, and discover new technologies with us!


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