Plumbing Can Be a Touchy Subject

Plumbing Can Be a Touchy Subject - Lee Company

Getting back to business doesn’t mean business as usual. Visitors to any facility you manage will walk in the door with new expectations – they want to know your facility is clean and safe.

Implementing touchless plumbing solutions is one-way facilities are adopting new measures to provide a safer, more sanitary experience while increasing efficiency and cutting costs. Touchless technology constitutes any device that can operate without touching it. On top of providing a more sanitary, cost-effective solution, touchless technology is convenient and more accessible.

Touchless solutions boost confidence. Lee Company’s professional plumbing experts are ready to make your restrooms restart-ready with touchless toilets, sinks, and soap dispensers. Our Facilities Solutions team can also install touchless light switches and doors.


Need a hand in other areas? Lee Company is ready to:

  • Assess your equipment and systems, whether they have been turned off or running light: Now’s a great time to right-size your HVAC system.
  • Evaluate indoor air quality: Are your air handling units performing efficiently? How’s the humidity? How much outdoor air is inside the building?
  • Outline cleaning procedures that go beyond the surface: Workers want to feel protected. Customers want to feel safe.


Fewer touches = cleaner facilities + happier people

Facilities are constantly looking for ways to improve their operations to provide a better experience for residents, employees, and customers. Health and safety are a top priority for many facility managers. Utilizing touchless technology within your restrooms and facilities can help minimize contact with high-use, contaminated surfaces. Touchless technology will also increase efficiency by reducing the amount of cleaning and maintenance required. In turn, implementing touchless solutions will help enhance your facility’s reputation.

Touchless technology is also more cost-effective. By replacing standard faucets with hands-free, motion sensor technology, the water automatically turns off when hands are away from the sensor. Therefore, touchless solutions conserve water, saving your facility money and reducing your environmental impact.

Touchless technology enhances a facility’s ambiance and helps maintain a safer, more sanitary environment. Touchless solutions, from plumbing through electrical systems, also help save energy – and that helps reduce utility bills!


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Restart right with touchless plumbing technology

This is a new situation for all of us. But Lee Company has seen tough times before – and thrived. Today, we’re eager to put our professional plumbing experts to work for you as we all pull together to get business back on track and our economy on the road to recovery. We are on the job 24/7 to help with your facility management needs. Get in touch with us today. 

Restart right with Lee Company.

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