Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Noise?

Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Noise? - Lee Company

Having a reliable air conditioning system in your home is a must when the summer heat comes to the South. After a spell in the sweltering sun, there’s nothing like relaxing in the comfort of your cool, air conditioned home. But what do you do when your air conditioner is making noise? We’re not talking about the garden variety HVAC noise that comes with healthy functionality, but unusual noises that cause concern. When this happens, you can trust the HVAC pros at Lee Company to diagnose, repair, or replace the source of the problem.



Common HVAC noises (and what they mean)

This article will cover some common HVAC noises to give you an idea of when you need to call a professional. The sound your air conditioning system makes usually relates to a specific problem. While this is meant as a guide to inform you about the problem you may be facing, we always recommend calling the HVAC experts at Lee Company. Our knowledgeable technicians will be able to diagnose the problem and provide the best solution for your budget.

HVAC noise #1: squealing or screeching 

The blower’s most common culprit of a squealing air conditioner is the fan belt. When you’re experiencing this unseemly sound, it usually means either the fan belt needs to be replaced, or the motor needs to be lubricated. Both of these issues can be quickly handled by an HVAC technician.

HVAC noise #2: pulsating or “thwapping” noise

If your air conditioner is making a pulsating noise (aka “thwapping”), it often means an object obstructs the fan. This is most likely the case if the sound comes and goes with the airflow. However, if the noise is audible from inside the home, the vibration may be caused by a loose part or panel. If this situation is left unattended, it can cause a substantial amount of wear and tear on your AC unit.

HVAC noise #3: rattling, buzzing, or banging

If your air conditioner is making a rattling, buzzing, or banging sound, it is very likely that something is loose or broken. These types of HVAC noises can also mean that your unit’s compressor is failing. If you’re experiencing any of these sounds, we recommend you shut your air conditioning system off until a qualified technician can conduct a full HVAC inspection

HVAC noise #4: high-pitched whistling

This is not a good sound. If a high-pitched whistling or screaming sound is coming from your AC unit, you should immediately shut off the power to the unit on your circuit breaker. This sound is typically associated with the compressor or refrigerant pressure. Contact our expert HVAC technicians immediately if your home’s air conditioner makes this sound.

HVAC noise #5: hissing

This type of sound could be coming from the compressor or a leaking air duct. If it’s from the compressor, you should immediately switch the unit off and call a technician. If the hissing comes from a leak in your air ducts, it will need to be serviced, but it isn’t an emergency.

Routine HVAC maintenance is important

HVAC systems are made up of several mechanical components that work together to regulate the climate in your home. As with any intricate mechanical system, HVAC systems require routine maintenance to function at their optimal level and have a long lifespan. 

The HVAC noises mentioned are largely avoidable when you schedule annual HVAC inspections. HVAC maintenance is essential in making sure everything runs smoothly. Reducing the noise coming from your home’s air conditioning system may require cleaning fan blades, lubricating bearings, isolating your compressor, removing clogs, or clearing your drains. 

However, sometimes you may find that your HVAC unit has run its course and needs to be replaced entirely. That’s why Lee Company offers name-brand HVAC units with special HVAC financing offers.

Mitigating HVAC noise with barriers

In some cases, the noise coming from your home air conditioning unit may not result from faulty parts but placement. While it is possible to rethink the location of your HVAC unit, this is largely impractical once the home is built. But there are ways to mitigate the noise. 

Excessive noise may be caused by friction between the airflow and the metal of the air ducts. Installing insulation within your HVAC ducts can reduce this friction and create less distracting noise. In addition, sound traps tamper the noise that air ducts amplify, blocking the noise coming through your HVAC ducts without blocking airflow.

For home HVAC systems, more creative sound barriers include growing vegetation and putting up wooden fencing around your primary unit. For safety reasons, you should keep any of these barriers at least two feet away from the HVAC unit. If you have any questions, talk with an expert before creating these barriers. A professional opinion helps ensure your decision is safe and won’t damage your HVAC unit or the plant life around it.

Work with Lee Company, the HVAC experts

Having a working air conditioning system in your home allows you to stay comfortable during the hot and humid summer months. It’s easy to forget about your HVAC system as long as it’s functioning properly, but scheduling annual maintenance can go a long way toward helping your unit work for the long haul. HVAC tune-ups are one of the many features of Lee Company’s Home Maintenance Plan

Whether you need to mitigate HVAC noise or you’re worried about your noisy air conditioning unit, the HVAC pros at Lee Company are here to diagnose, repair, or replace the source of the problem. If you need to replace your unit, you can take advantage of our HVAC financing to get the best possible solution!

Our HVAC pros are here to diagnose, repair, or replace the source of your AC problem.