Nashville HVAC Services & Repairs

Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer with an HVAC service provider you can trust. Lee Company offers comprehensive heating and cooling services in Nashville, TN. Whether you need emergency repairs, preventive maintenance, or a full-blown system replacement, our expert technicians are available 24/7 to handle all of your HVAC service needs.

You can reach us anytime at 615.991.6311.



HVAC unit

HVAC Financing

Need a new HVAC system? Convenient payments to give you budget flexibility and the right heating and air conditioning solution for your home.

Lee Company HVAC

Maintenance & Repairs

Check our current promotions. We repair, maintain, sell, and install heating and air conditioning brands that you want, at a price you'll prefer.

HVAC unit

HVAC Financing

Need a new HVAC system? Convenient payments to give you budget flexibility and the right heating and air conditioning solution for your home.

Lee Company HVAC

Maintenance & Repairs

Check our current promotions. We repair, maintain, sell, and install heating and air conditioning brands that you want, at a price you'll prefer.

HVAC Tune-Ups The Money-Saving Secret Every Homeowner Needs to Know - Lee Company

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Lee Company Offers the Best HVAC Services in Nashville

Is it affordable? Absolutely! With great pricing on the best heating and air conditioning brands, financing, and flexible payment options, we can help you find the best HVAC solution for your home and your budget.

With Lee Company, trust is part of the package. You might want to buy a heater or have your air conditioner repaired. No worries. Lee Company has served homeowners in Middle Tennessee since 1944. Your neighbors trust our experts. You can too.



Technical Spotlight

Two-Stage Cooling

A two-stage air conditioner can provide energy savings and comfort. Single-stage systems only run at high speed, regardless of the weather. Depending on the weather, a two-stage system automatically switches between high and low speeds. Most days, it runs on low. When it’s scorching hot, the system ramps up!

The two-stage approach is an energy-efficient way to keep your home comfortable. The continual low-speed operation also helps ensure that your home is effectively dehumidified and improves indoor air quality.

Nashville Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Season Tune-Ups & Inspections

Plan ahead. Stay ahead. Keep potential problems at bay with regular AC tune-ups and inspections. It’s a great way to keep your HVAC system safe and efficient. We are your HVAC Nashville pros and we’ll be there season after season with great service.

Duct Cleaning

Think about it. When was the last time you cleaned your ducts? Or had them cleaned? It’s time. Cleaner ducts mean cleaner air. Our duct cleaning services are good better for your health.

Duct Installation Retrofit

Is your duct system old? We can take what you have and make it better. New insulation saves energy. That means you save money! The retrofit can pay for itself.

Dual-Fuel Systems

With these HVAC systems, you can use electricity and natural gas. It’s the fuel-efficient way to get the best of both worlds.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Cleaner air. Cleaner house. With these cleaners, you’ll see the difference. Lee Company air cleaners capture up to 95 percent of those particles just floating around.

Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV)

Do you love the outdoors? Bring it in! Enjoy fresh outside air without humidity, pollen and other pollutants.

Geothermal Systems

Make good use of natural resources. Improve efficiency with a ground-source heat pump.

Heating & Air Conditioning System Analysis

Is there a better way to heat and cool your home? Find out for yourself! Our HVAC technicians can run a comparison between your current HVAC system and new equipment. We can provide a data-based reason for replacing or repairing the HVAC system in your home.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats keep your home comfortable and your utility bills low! These great thermostats offer the comfort you want, and energy savings. Win-win.

Whole-Home Humidification

Humidity outside can be stifling, but you don’t want your house too dry. It’s not good for you or your furniture. These great products help you maintain the proper humidity in your house.

Planned Unit Replacements

Be smart. Plan ahead. Smart planning leads to energy savings and peace of mind. And you can avoid expensive, unexpected replacements down the road.

Solar Air Conditioning Systems

Put that Nashville sunshine to work for you! Boost your HVAC system with solar power.

Solar Attic Ventilation Fans

You know how hot it is in your attic every summer? That’s not good. Cool your attic off by up to 20 degrees and see what a difference a solar attic fan makes in your house! These fans are 100% solar powered. We’re talking quiet. And there’s a 25-year warranty!

Ultraviolet Air Purification/Air Scrubbers

Concerned about your health – and the health of your family? These HVAC wonders purify and remove almost all odors, bacteria and viruses. We’re talking 99.9%.

High SEER Units & Payback Analysis

Why spend more than you have to? Install a newer, more efficient unit. It could pay for itself in three-to-five years. And if you’re wondering what SEER is – that’s a shortcut for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.

Financing Options

To give you the best available options, we offer HVAC financing!

Crawl Space Encapsulation

An untreated crawl space can be a breeding ground for microbial growth and an open door to pests and flooding. Fortunately, we offer crawl space encapsulation services.

Home Maintenance Plan

Keep major home systems in shape. One low price. Four visits a year.

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Current Promotions

The best, for less. Act now, and take advantage of these special offers!

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Financing Options

Lee Company is ready to help, with easy financing and payment plans.

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Your Neighbors Love Lee Company

Greg was fantastic. Very professional! He explained (in understandable terms) his findings and prepared me well for the probability of the need for some repair work in the near future. I have signed up for the plan and look forward to future visits for plumbing and electrical inspections.

- Barry O.

Cameron was extremely efficient in checking all areas to determine the source of our plumbing problems. The photos that he took of our pipes helped to explain our current problems and the potential for future problems. He did an impressive job.

- Graham W.

David and Noah did an HVAC inspection for us at a home we are purchasing. They were very courteous and professional. I appreciate the time they spent explaining the repairs needed to bring the HVAC units up to an optimal level.

- Ben F.

You guys saved me and my dogs from temps in our house that were starting to get dangerous! A new central heat and air unit installed and completed by midday the next day? In June? Unbelievable! I'm so pleased, and all your techs were so nice! My dogs think so too! Great work, thanks so much!

- Colleen T.

Matt, Nick, and Kevin were so professional, knowledgeable, and communicated what was happening throughout the installation. They were careful to ensure walkways were covered and no mess was made. They did an awesome and expedient job with a very time-consuming installation. I will happily recommend Lee Company for any HVAC need!

- Nancy M.

Our technician was very courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. In addition to our tune-up, he recommended and installed a surge protector on the new unit. We have used Lee Company for several years and are very satisfied with the techs and service.

- Gary T.

Keith is an awesome HVAC tech. I have been so incredibly happy with his service. He has restored my faith in companies. He was my first encounter with Lee Company and the reason that I chose to stay. I am very happy with his professionalism, his concern for my best interest, and his willingness to take the time to do the very best job possible. I’m very happy with both Keith and Lee Company.

- Janice P.

Edgar was outstanding. Extremely nice, explained things fully, and was a complete professional. Would gladly have him come back out to work on our HVAC again. Thanks, Edgar!

- Josh W.

Nashville Heating & Cooling Maintenance, Repair, and Installation

Lee Company’s HVAC technicians show up on time, ready to work. We install and maintain heaters, air cleaners, and humidifiers. Need air conditioning service? We offer 24/7 emergency repair services. Want to cut utility bills? We have a thermostat for that.

One call is all it takes if you need air conditioning repair work. If you’ve ever had an air conditioner go out in August in Middle Tennessee, you know that’s good news!


Emergency HVAC Repair

We’re here for you when you need us most. Lee Company offers 24/7 emergency HVAC repair in Nashville and surrounding areas.


HVAC Installation

Our expert technicians will help you bring your HVAC system up to date and help you pick the unit that best suits your needs.


Air Quality Services

You deserve clean air in your home. Whether you need a whole-home humidifier, dehumidifier, or an air purification system, we’ve got you covered.



Our Locations and Service Areas

Our friendly HVAC service technicians are available 24/7 for your home repair needs.

Lee Company Nashville Office Location

1124 Menzler Rd

Nashville, TN 37210

Our Nashville Office Serves the Following Surrounding Communities

  • Brentwood
  • Franklin
  • Thompson Station
  • Leipers Fork
  • Berry Hill
  • Nolensville
  • Columbia
  • Antioch
  • Nashville
  • Arrington
  • Cool Springs
  • College Grove
  • Forest Hills
  • Primm Springs
  • Madison

You deserve the best HVAC services in Nashville!

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