10 Ideas for a Backyard Makeover

10 Ideas for a Backyard Makeover - Lee Company

There’s nothing better than enjoying the southern warmth in the comfort of your own backyard. Grilling out, lounging about, and enjoying days full of sunshine with your family and friends. For many, summer days offers a great escape from everyday life—either in the form of a family vacation or some much-needed alone time. Whatever the case may be, if you’re looking for a fun way to get more enjoyment out of your home, a backyard makeover may be the perfect project. With the addition of some thoughtful backyard renovations, you can have your very own private getaway anytime you need it. 

To get those creative juices flowing, here’s a list of 10 ideas you can use to transform your backyard. If you need help along the way, Lee Company is always here to lend a helping hand. Our team of home improvement specialists can offer expert advice to help you with your backyard makeover. We’ll even do the heavy lifting!



1. Natural gas for your outdoor grill? Yes, please!

The last thing you want is to run out of propane when you’re halfway through grilling dinner for your guests. Impress your family and friends by turning up the heat on your backyard grill game. Skip the need for dealing with propane tanks altogether by installing a natural gas line straight to your grill. It’s an upgrade you won’t regret when you feel like you have an outdoor gourmet kitchen. Who knows?  You might even decide to add a backyard pizza oven so you can dish out true Neapolitan-style pizzas.


2. Install outdoor electrical outlets for better mood lighting

Ditch the extension cords and make lighting your backyard both easy and safe. By adding extra outdoor electrical outlets, you can plug in lighting features that can make your yard, deck, or patio feel like you’ve been transported to another place. Remember: extension cords are temporary solutions only, so they should never be used as a permanent fixture.


3. Get easy access to water with additional outdoor hydrants

You never know where you may need to access water in your backyard, and adding an extra hydrant gives a new level of flexibility. Thinking of adding a home garden with a water feature? Your water needs will be covered. Want to have some fun with the kids on a hot day? Pull out the sprinkler and cool off. You could even build a kids’ car wash sprinkler and create endless hours of fun.


4. Highlight your yard with landscape lighting

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wanted their landscape lighting setup to look like a Pinterest picture? The right lighting can add the perfect ambiance to a southern evening, and with systems that connect to your smartphone, you can change the look of your lights in an instant. Go from fun and funky colored to low and romantic lights with the touch of a button. You may even want to explore adding automation to your lights so you can keep an eye on the outdoors at night.


5. Cozy up with an outdoor fireplace

Speaking of ambiance, there is nothing like sitting around a cozy fire with friends and loved ones. Installing an outdoor fireplace will make your house the chosen hangout spot for everyone you know. You can even select the look that fits your style best, from rustic to modern and contemporary, the choice is yours. Just don’t forget the marshmallows!


6. Explore the wonderful world of landscape design

You don’t have to be an arborist to create backyard landscaping that you love. If you’re a little apprehensive, work with a professional to choose plants that match your style without too much effort. The home services experts at Lee Company are always ready to lend a helping hand. If you’re ready to do the work yourself, pick the plants you’ve always loved. 


Pro tip: you can upgrade your landscaping with lighting to make your backyard look like a paradise every time the sun goes down.


7. Change your backyard vibe with a patio remodel

On those extra hot days that you don’t want to feel like you’re outdoors while enjoying your yard, just bring the inside out. Make your patio the perfect place to lounge by creating a living room outdoors. Extend the style of your home with upholstered patio furniture or contemporary teak tables for a sense of comfort. Just make sure you put in enough seating for the friends and family who will be stopping by.

For an even more intimate feel, add a covering to your patio. It will protect both you and your furniture from the elements. Combine this with an outdoor fireplace or string lighting and you’ll feel like you’re vacationing at a private lodge.


Did you know? The home improvement experts at Lee Company can upgrade your deck. We also offer deck sealing and pressure washing services so you can extend your deck’s lifespan.


8. Enjoy some backyard privacy

If you are looking for your own private resort, adding some new structures to your yard can do the trick. You might want to start with a privacy fence to add a border to your property that can create a cozy, safe space for your family.

A pergola or gazebo are other options for new structures. They can offer a safe space from the heat of the sun and present a great opportunity to add chic lighting or flowers for added ambiance.


9. Add a hot tub or sauna to have your very own spa

While you’re planning out the build of a new gazebo, you could also think about adding a hot tub to the mix. (After all, why go through the trouble of building a structure and not add some bonus luxury?) If water isn’t your thing, a dry sauna can help you and your family unwind after a hard day. According to Time, saunas are “ridiculously good for you” so they will benefit the entire family! Need an outlet to power your outdoor relaxation? Our expert electricians can help. 


10. Show off some personality by upgrading your furniture

Creating an outdoor living room isn’t the only way to get creative with the furniture in your backyard. Adding a hammock can be the perfect retreat for a quick nap or good read. A well-placed sheet can act as an umbrella to save you from the sun, and by adding wood pieces you can create a tent for you and the family. If a rustic style is up your alley, you can add some reclaimed pieces. Make it your own!


Do you need help with your backyard makeover?

Opportunities abound when it comes to designing the backyard of your dreams. The lesson we’ve learned here: let your imagination soar. And if you run into a snag, contact Lee Company. We have the talent and know-how to do all you need.


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