Landscape Lighting: Shining a Light on All the Benefits

Landscape Lighting: Shining a Light on All the Benefits - Lee Company

When you own a home, it takes time and energy to maintain and enhance the quality of your living space – inside and outside. The outside gets a little extra attention when the weather warms up: We spend more time mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, planting flowers, and enjoying the fruits of our labor! It’s nice to have a yard and landscaping that people admire as they walk by on a stroll. 

But what if they’re taking that stroll as the sun sets? Landscaping often focuses on plants and other garden features; your property could be a botanical wonderland with perennials, potted plants, stones paths, maybe even a fruit tree. These types of landscape design features are sure to enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your home — but only during the daytime hours. To make your home shine in the evening too, consider landscape lighting.


Why Install Landscape Lighting?

It’s easy to see the benefits of installing landscape lighting fixtures to the exterior of your home: Well-planned and positioned lights improve the aesthetic beauty of your yard by highlighting attractive features. They also improve security in several ways, helping to deter crime and prevent falls. 

Landscape lighting fixtures come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Some fixtures are small solar-powered lights that you stick in the ground, while others are wall-mounted and hardwired into your home’s electrical system

Which lighting fixtures are right for you? It’s easier to know once you decide the role your landscape lighting will play. Are you strictly interested in showcasing architectural or design features? Do you want to illuminate your backyard patio and create the perfect atmosphere for an evening outside with friends? Or is your major interest home security?

As you consider the options, remember: The right choice, well-installed, may help you achieve all your landscape lighting goals! 


Reason #1: Landscape Lighting is Lovely

No doubt about it: Landscape lighting will drastically improve the look of your home in the early evenings and throughout the night. Exterior light fixtures can beautifully highlight your home’s architecture and design. In addition, when lights are positioned properly, they can also showcase the bountiful plants you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. As a bonus, for proud homeowners and those looking to sell, landscape lighting also increases your home’s curb appeal. 


Reason #2: Landscape Lights Add Functionality

With the addition of great landscape lighting, you can make the most of your outdoor space. The right fixtures enable you to spend more time enjoying your front porch, back patio, or garden landscape — day or night, the space is accessible and appealing. In addition, lighting fixtures strategically placed around your outdoor living spaces can add drama (the good kind) and make late-night dining or relaxing during the spring, summer, and fall even more enjoyable.


Reason #3: Landscape Lighting Improves Home Security

When the exterior of your home is well lit, criminals consider it less approachable; there are fewer places to hide. Because of that, adding outdoor light fixtures to your home may help deter thieves, trespassers, and vandals. 

The placement of landscape lighting for security is key. Installing light fixtures around your home’s doors and windows make it less likely someone can break in unnoticed. Be sure to also consider the darkest parts of your yard and home, and whether floodlights or motion-sensor lights would be useful. 


Reason #4: Keep You and Your Family Safe

In addition to protecting your home and belongings, landscape lighting can help keep you and your family free of injury. By shining a light on steps, ledges, ramps, or other elevated pathways, you can help prevent falls. This is especially important if you have elderly family or friends, or any visitors with vision challenges. 

If you own a pool, it’s important to keep the surrounding area well lit. Lights around the pool can reduce the risk of someone falling in or slipping on wet concrete. 


Professional Landscape Lighting Installation

With the right design, the right fixtures, and the right installation, landscape lighting highlights the many reasons you love your home – from the family and friends who gather there to the aesthetic beauty of your yard. Landscape lighting can make your home a safer and more enjoyable place.

If you are thinking about adding landscape lighting to your home or yard, contact the professionals at Lee Company. Whether it’s installing small walkway lights or hardwiring floodlights, our certified electricians will ensure that your lighting is installed safely and professionally. Get in touch today!


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