Pressure Washing Your House: Consider the Benefits - Lee Company

Think of all the things your home’s exterior keeps…exterior. Heat. Cold. Bugs. Birds. Wind. Pollution.

Now, think of the dirt and grime that go along with all that. No wonder professionals consider a thorough power washing an essential part of annual home maintenance! Power washing, also known as pressure washing, improves the look of your home; protects your home investment; reduces the need for costly repairs; and primes surfaces for fresh paint or stain. It’s essential maintenance for your siding, driveway, deck, patio, and fencing.


Start with siding

The most obvious area for home pressure washing is the siding. We’ve all seen that dark ugly growth on siding, especially after a wet fall and winter. The mold – or mildew, moss, or algae – may be unavoidable, but it’s important to clean it off the house before it spreads and permanently stains and damages your home’s exterior.

If you have a power washer, a tool that sprays pressurized water, cleaning the sides of the house may sound like a reasonable DIY project. Before you get started, remember that you need to clean the entire house. That includes the exterior on the second floor, and the chimney, and all the crevices. Mold may be worse on one side of the house than the other, but the dirt and grime go everywhere. In addition, handling that high water pressure can be a bit tricky: it’s possible to damage your house – dent siding, knock down bricks, rip screens – if you use too much pressure or aim wrong.

If you decide to DIY, take your time and be very careful. If you prefer to bring in a professional, Lee Company handymen bring the right power washers for the job, along with the ladders and safety equipment required to thoroughly and safely clean the entire exterior.


Home clean home

Removing unsightly mold and grime immediately improves the look of your home. That’s a real plus in any situation, but it’s critical if you want to sell your home. Curb appeal matters. A fresh, clean home will attract more potential buyers, and supports a higher sales price.

An annual pressure washing also helps you save money, whether you plan to live in the house for years or sell it. By keeping the siding clean, you reduce the risk of permanent damage that leads to the need for new siding or woodwork.

There are also potential health benefits from conducting a thorough cleaning. Pressure washing the outside of your home can make life easier for the people inside your home, especially if they suffer from allergies. You might not realize it, but some of those sneezes and watery eyes could be directly related to the mold and mildew growing on your siding.

Along with improving the airborne environment inside your home, power washing is good for the outside environment. Pressure washing is a clean, environmentally friendly chore, completed with no dangerous chemicals.


Beyond the siding

Whether you do the pressure washing or call in the pros, keep the big picture in mind. Look beyond the exterior walls of your home, and consider what else needs a good cleaning. Your driveway, deck, patio, fencing – even a pool, if you have one – benefit from regular, high-pressure cleaning. Power washing cleans off mold, mildew, and other growth.

If you’re planning to stain or paint a deck or fence – also a part of regular home maintenance – pressure washing should be part of the prep. Stain and paint adhere better to a clean surface. And who wants to immortalize mold under a coat of paint?

The most obvious advantage of staining your deck is how it looks: After you stain and seal a deck, the natural beauty of the wood shines through. However, the stain and seal also protect your deck, preventing sun damage and making it harder for water to seep into the wood and damage it.

Do the stairs off your beautiful deck lead down to a patio? Once you power wash that concrete, remember to seal it too! Concrete is porous; it absorbs fluids. Every time we get a freeze and a thaw, your patio takes a hit if it’s not properly sealed. Sealing protects the concrete, and prolongs the life and looks of your patio.

Also keep in mind the importance of cleaning and sealing other concrete areas, such as driveways, steps, and porches.

In terms of timing and planning, the general rule of thumb is: power wash every year. Apply sealant every other year. If that sounds like a lot of work, remember…you can always call Lee Company and take advantage of our professional handyman services.


Yes. We do that.

Owning a home is the American dream, but it does come with a lot of pressure. Home maintenance creates ongoing demands on limited time, and requires expertise, equipment, and energy. Lee Company takes the pressure off. When you need power washing services or help painting your house or staining your deck, call us! Lee Company’s friendly, well-trained professionals are here to help.