Seal Your Driveway to Keep It Looking New

Seal Your Driveway to Keep It Looking New - Lee Company Home Improvement Services

You might not often think about your driveway – it’s just there. However, driveways are more than a path to the garage or a place to park the car. Driveways help shape the curb appeal of your house. 

Unfortunately, concrete driveways are particularly susceptible to wear and tear from the weather in this part of the country; everything from freezing conditions to blistering heat takes a toll on the pavement. Add car traffic and consistent use, and concrete driveways start to show their age after a while.

Getting your driveway sealed is an easy and cost-effective way to protect it from the elements and keep it looking new. Having your driveway sealed regularly gives your driveway the added protection it needs to last longer and resist weathering.


The Benefits of Getting Your Driveway Sealed

If you want to preserve your driveway, sealing it offers a number of benefits. First and foremost, a properly sealed driveway repels water, which can be the most harmful force when it comes to deteriorating concrete. Concrete has a natural tendency to crack if water penetrates it. This tendency is amplified by the constant weight of cars driving on top of the concrete. Once cracks appear, water can continue to permeate the concrete and damage it further.

Other driveway enemies include the sun and wind, both of which hasten corrosion. By regularly applying a seal to your concrete driveway, you can prevent water, sunlight, and wind from permeating your asphalt and breaking it down. 

Want another benefit of having your driveway sealed? The seal repels oil and makes it easier for you to sweep and clean your driveway.


When to Have Your Driveway Sealed

Generally speaking, you should have your driveway sealed every 1-3 years. However, if you begin to see the color of the rocks that make up your driveway, it’s time to have it sealed. 

One warning: Never seal a new driveway. Concrete needs a minimum of six months for the oils inside to evaporate. The less oil is in it, the sturdier the driveway becomes. In addition, if you apply a driveway sealer before your concrete has time to settle, it won’t become strong enough to last without warping or cracking. 

You’ll also want to consider the outside temperature before sealing. It must be at least 50 degrees or warmer for the seal to cure properly. Keep an eye on the extended weather forecast too: The sealer will need to be on your driveway for at least two days before any rain comes.

If you’re not particularly interested in spending your time off sealing a driveway, no worries! We’re here to help. Lee Company offers professional handyman services and sealing driveways is right up our alley. (Pun intended.)


Contact the Professionals at Lee Company

Regularly sealing your concrete driveway is an important aspect of home maintenance. Having it sealed consistently will help preserve the life of your driveway and keep it looking new. If you are interested in preserving your driveway, get in touch with the professionals at Lee Company. Our experienced technicians are ready to help with any home improvement project.


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