Painting Primer: Why Hire a Professional Painter?

When it’s time for interior painting or exterior painting at your home, you may think: “I know how to paint. I could do that myself.” A DIY paint job – inside or outside – is certainly an option. How do you know whether it’s better to do it yourself or hire a painter? Consider all the factors.

Save Time

If the painting project involves one room, inside, and you don’t plan to use any special effects – such as two-tones, stripes, angles, faux finishes – it’s completely possible to get the job done by yourself in a reasonable timeframe. Be sure to factor in the time spent prepping the room, including scraping the walls if necessary, patching holes, and taping off areas that won’t be painted.

For these small indoor projects, the biggest “time” question is really a priority question. Do you want to spend your Saturday trapped inside the master bathroom with only a ladder and bucket of paint to keep you company?

Time is a much bigger factor for exterior painting. While the amount of time required depends on the size and architectural complexity of the house, it is a far more demanding project than interior painting. Professional painters do a lot more than paint a house: they typically remove peeling paint and prep the outside; replace rotten boards (you don’t want to paint over bad boards); caulk where it’s needed; and protect doors, windows, and hardware with tape and coverings. In some cases – such as new construction and sanded exteriors – painting primer may also be required.

If you do decide painting would be a fun DIY project, remember the time it takes to clean up after you paint! You’ll want to take care of your brushes so you’re ready for the next room.


At Lee Company, safety is always job #1, so we want to be sure and mention it here! Whether you’re painting inside or outside, a ladder is considered standard equipment. If you are not comfortable on a ladder, or if you are physically unable to climb a ladder, we strongly recommend that you hire a painter. It’s worth a small investment to reduce risks and stress.

Professional painting services also offer a safety advantage you might not have thought of – certain types of paint are mold-resistant, and better for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Professionals know what kind of paint works best, where.


One of the biggest advantages of both interior painting and exterior painting is visual: a fresh coat of paint looks great. You can easily transform a room or a house with a brand new color or a clean coat of your existing color.

Along with making you happy, that fresh coat of paint can make your home more attractive to others. That’s nice at all times, but it’s essential when you want to sell a house. Painting the exterior adds curb appeal; painting the interior adds interest.

Home Value

If you are selling your home, the amount you spend on paint and/or professional painting services will likely come back to you: a freshly painted home can attract higher bids in today’s competitive real estate market.

However, it’s important to note that there’s a financial advantage to painting your home, even if you’re not selling it. A new coat of the right kind of paint can protect the wood and slow down any rotting process. 

Interior and exterior walls are subject to aging issues and are impacted by weather, smoke, and other environmental factors. Fresh paint creates a barrier to damage, so you are protected from the costs of fixing boards or siding. In addition, paint can help prevent mold damage and all the expenses related to that. It can even help prevent expensive damage to your foundation by termites!


Have you ever started painting a room, and realized it wasn’t as easy as you thought it might be? Maybe you ran into more nail pops or holes in the walls than you expected. Maybe the previous paint color was so dark, you should have used a primer for painting. Maybe – for reasons you simply can’t figure out – the paint just doesn’t go on smoothly.

Professional painters paint all the time. They know how to handle the many and varied issues that come up during the prep time and the paint time. They know how to tape a room; they know how to paint to the ceiling – and not on the ceiling. 

Simply put: professional painters know what they’re doing and they do it beautifully. 

Lee Company. We do painting.

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