Working from Home Works Better with Lee Company

LeeStat by Lee Company - Remote HVAC Monitoring for Facilities

Maintaining Your Facility While Working From Home

Owner/operators and facility managers need to stay on top of their building systems 24/7, even when there’s a pandemic. With COVID-19 sending many professionals into “work at home” mode, there’s a new need for technology that delivers remote insights.


Remote HVAC Monitoring Is Here

Fortunately, the technology is here and has been successfully used in many facilities, retail shops, gas stations, churches, and other sites throughout the region. LeeStat™, Lee Company’s proprietary smart thermostat system, provides 24/7 remote monitoring of HVAC systems, whether you have one building to manage or a number of facilities.

LeeStat™ routinely sends information to Lee Company’s Virtual Support Center, allowing our seasoned professionals to:

  • Monitor and manage the HVAC system
  • Adjust for day/night differences – or the shutdowns underway now
  • Help you reduce energy usage and cut utility bills
  • Identify leaks in the HVAC system before the issue becomes a crisis


That’s smart. And it’s just the start.

Lee Company technology enables us to monitor building automation systems (BAS), including regular checks of designated points, temperatures, and alarms. We can also obtain visual findings and share them with you, so you are prepared to make informed decisions based on transparent data.

With Lee Company on the job, you’re on top of the situation – no matter where you’re working. Clear insights from Lee Company help you:

  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Ensure that service, calibration, and maintenance all contribute to enhanced performance and efficiency
  • Optimize the lifecycle of critical HVAC systems


Lee Company is Ready To Help

As an essential service provider, Lee Company remains on the job 24/7. We’re here and ready to help – whether it’s installing LeeStat™ or repairing a system. We will get through this. Together.