Replace Your HVAC System Without Stress

Replace Your HVAC System Without Stress - Lee Company

You depend on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) to keep your home comfortable during every season of the year. If your HVAC system is old, inefficient, or prone to breakdowns, it’s time to replace it.

That sounds stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Our professionals can help you choose the system that’s right for you. Here are answers to common questions about HVAC system replacement and tips from our pros.

How much does a new HVAC system cost?

Prices vary depending on the size of the HVAC system you need, the brand, and other factors. Work with a team you can trust. When asking for an estimate, ensure that you are given a price that includes the system, labor costs, efficiency rating, and warranty information. 

Do you offer HVAC financing?

Most quality contractors offer financing to help you manage your investment. Lee Company offers great pricing on top HVAC brands, financing, and flexible payment options that fit your budget. Find out more about our financing options.

Are there any financial incentives available?

An HVAC professional can tell you about special offers, discounts, rebates, or tax credits that can help you save money on your HVAC system replacement.

Do I need multiple heating and cooling zones? 

Zoned heating and cooling can save energy costs and improve comfort by allowing you to control the temperature in different rooms. Your contractor can help you decide whether a zoned HVAC system is right for you.

What is a SEER and why does it matter?

SEER is a shortcut for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It measures the amount of electricity your HVAC’s air conditioning system uses. An old system with a SEER of nine uses about 40 percent more energy than a new system with a rating of 15. Some systems have SEER ratings that are even higher. Your contractor can help you decide what’s right for you. With the energy savings, your new HVAC system could pay for itself in three to five years.

How can I improve my indoor air quality?

Your new HVAC system will keep your home at a comfortable temperature, but there are options available that can do even more, including improving your indoor air quality.

Two-stage air conditioners are popular, especially in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama where summers are hot and humid. Unlike single-stage systems, which run only at high speed, a two-stage HVAC system automatically switches between high and low speeds. Most of the time it runs on a low, which saves energy and money. The continual low-speed operation also helps dehumidify the air and improves indoor air quality. When the weather is scorching hot, the system switches to high speed.

Electronic air cleaners help keep dust, dander, and microbial growth from circulating through your rooms. You may also consider an ultraviolet light (UV) air purifying system. Portable units can destroy pollutants and eliminate any unpleasant odors from cooking, smoking, or other sources. Connecting a UV air purifying system to your HVAC will keep your family safe and improve the air quality inside your home. 

A whole-home humidification system will maintain the proper humidity in your home, helping with everything from allergy and static control to protecting wooden floors and furniture. 

What types of air filters are available? 

You spend more time indoors during summer heatwaves and the cold winter months. That’s why keeping the air in your home clean is important. One of the simplest and most effective ways is to change your air filters regularly. We recommend changing air filters every three months, but you should change them on a shorter schedule if you have pets or if anyone in your home has allergies. Some systems offer disposable and washable varieties. Others, like HEPA filters, can improve indoor air quality and protect your family’s health.

Should I replace my existing ductwork?

An HVAC professional should conduct a ductwork inspection to make sure there are no leaks, size issues, or other problems that might disrupt the flow of air. If your ductwork needs to be replaced, cleaned, or repaired, that should be included in the estimate.

Is a maintenance plan a good idea?

A maintenance plan can save you money and keep your HVAC system running smoothly. As a member of the Lee Company Home Maintenance Plan, you’ll receive annual inspections of your heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems. 

As a Home Maintenance Plan member, you’ll also receive special discounts on home projects, new installations, and parts and labor. You’ll receive priority service with no emergency service rates.

HVAC system replacement is an investment that can improve your home’s value, comfort, air quality, and energy efficiency. Contact Lee Company and let us help you select the HVAC system that’s right for you.

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